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Harrison voted his conscience, not party

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2016 La Gaceta Endorsement

State House
District 63

Democrat Lisa Montelione is trying to unseat Republican incumbent Shawn Harrison. Normally, we support Democrats, but lately we’ve noticed some Democrats aren’t acting like Democrats. Lisa Montelione is on that list. She approved two consecutive tax increases in the City of Tampa that combined, are the largest in the city’s history. The taxes were designed to be regressive. Properties with lower values paid a much higher percentage compared to value than expensive properties.

She taxed non-profits and churches. The Catholic Diocese will pay over $100,000 a year for these storm water taxes. Montelione did nothing to make the tax fairer, even though she had a year to demand reform.

She also recently extended the City’s red light ticket program. Democrats don’t privatize our policing to private, for-profit corporations. These programs hurt the poor. These tickets are hard to fight and the system makes mistakes.

Montelione also supported a Republican over a Democrat in a City Council race and in a School Board race. Both of her candidates lost. If she doesn’t need to stay loyal to the Party, why should we? Montelione doesn’t do her due diligence and has no power of persuasion.

Shawn Harrison is a moderate Republican. Democrats can work with him. Cities and counties have a sympathetic ear when they talk to him of their needs. His office is responsive and he returns calls.

Harrison is the kind of Republican we need in the House. He’s smart, compassionate, focused and does his homework. He can build coalitions.

La Gaceta endorses Shawn Harrison for State House District 63.

Harrison voted his conscience, not party, on health insurance

State Rep. Shawn Harrison of New Tampa is reliably Republican, standing for traditional conservative ideals.

He wants to keep government out of our lives as much as possible. He believes in lower taxes, job creation and state funding for some faith-based initiatives. On those points,...

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