Taxes and Job Growth

Florida's economy depends on quality job creation. I have owned and run two successful small businesses which create local jobs. Low taxes encourage job creation and stimulate our economy. I led the successful fight to reduce Tampa's tax rate for the first time in 20 years, and I will continue to lead the fight in Tallahassee to reduce taxes.

Faith and Community Based Initiatives

I believe our faith community has much to offer towards the well being of our District. Faith based initiatives programs should be encouraged and funded. Small community grants should also be made available in partnership to encourage local organizations to take an active role in shaping our youth with after-school and summer programming.

Government's Role in Our Lives

In the past decade we have seen an alarming increase in government's interference in our private lives and private business. I believe that government should stay out of both. America and Florida perform best when our natural entrepreneurial spirit can be encouraged and fostered. The role of government should be limited and concise. Individual decisions should be left up to individuals, not dictated by Washington or Tallahassee.

Conservation and Smart Growth

I am an avid outdoorsman and I pledge to protect the natural resources of our State and District 63. Florida should fund the Florida Forever Program. We should work with local jurisdictions to partner in the purchase of real estate and conservation easements to protect Florida's wild places. Livable, sustainable communities should be encouraged.


I have fought my entire political career for increased funding and better infrastructure for my constituents in North Tampa and will continue to do so. This includes a 21st Century transit system, an absolute necessity for job growth and a vibrant regional economy. I will continue to be a champion for roadway and transit projects for my District.

Protection of Our Elderly

We have a moral imperative to protect "our greatest generation". Medicaid, Medicare and quality healthcare must be available to Florida's seniors. This requires patient choice, not government mandated one-size fits all health programming. Our elder care must be of the highest priority for our State. I will be resolute in protecting Florida's seniors.

Protect our protectors

I have spent my entire political career supporting the brave men and women who protect us. I was honored to be named Legislator of the Year in 2012 by the Florida Fraternal Order of Police. In 2012 I sponsored the Fallen Heroes Family Tax Relief Act which passed the Legislature unanimously and was successfully adopted into the Florida Constitution as Amendment 9. I will continue to vote to protect the men and women who protect us: our military and first responders.